The Schlage A79PD Communicating Door Knob Grade 2 is precision-engineered, featuring 100% solid forged brass and rugged all-metal chassis for security. For door thickness 1 3/8 - 1 3/4 . Cal-Royal SC400 Series Electrified Lock Case. Deadlocking latchbolt operated by knob from either side. The Barrington Communicating lock is quality designed and engineered for residential and commercial buildings. Style: Knob Communicating Whether You're In Or Out, You Get Double The Security In One Lock! Commercial Washroom Accessories. Caution: Double cylinder locks on residences and any door in any structure which is used for egress are a life safety hazard in times of emergency and their use is not recommended. Each lock includes 6 KW1 keys. We accept Purchase Orders from Fortune 500 Companies, Government,Health & Educational Entities, ⚠️WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm — Communicating Door Lever Locksets 40 products Door lever locksets include cylinder locksets with a lever handle that allows doors to be opened with a natural downward hand motion. Installation by Phillips screwdriver. Sound Control System for Communicating (Adjoining) Doors This system is designed to create a Sound Control on a pair of Communicating (Internally Adjoining) Doors. A79GEO. For security purposes, communicating doors between hotel rooms typically have a single-sided deadbolt, with a thumbturn on the room side and a blank plate on the side facing the other communicating door. … $100.80. A Schlage deadbolt makes a great choice for commercial or residential applications. Item is normally in stock and ships out within 2-3 Business days (excluding transit time). Door hardware allows doors to open and close so people can pass through an entryway. $149.60. Available in a variety of functions, styles and finishes, Kwikset award winning door knobs not only provide security and privacy, they also create a lasting impression. Their time-tested, perfected machinery and superior quality metals make this brand a great choice for security and style. Schlage D72 Communicating Lock - ANSI F80 Key in either knob locks or unlocks its own knob independently. Find Knob Locksets Type: Communicating Door Thickness: 1 3/8 - 2 at MSC Industrial Supply, serving the metalworking, safety, and MRO industries for over 75 years Each lock features an adjustable latch, single cylinder deadbolt and switch style knob. This helps to control noise transmission between the two rooms. One opens into one room and the other into the other room. 54 products. Here is another use for communicating doors. Posted Oct 08, 2011 It is a general term for Door Knobs, Door Levers, Handlesets and Deadbolts that latch (hold closed) and/or lock. The topic of lock functions seems to arise at almost all of those meetings–usually someone in the room needs a refresher on how the basic functions work. Our showroom hours are Monday - Friday 9-5 Mountain time. We'd love to help. 70 List List Price $14.58 $ 14 . Each combo lock includes 6 KW1 keys: no need to cut additional keys Corbin Russwin CK4300 Series Grade 1 Heavy-Duty Cylindrical Global Wrought... Corbin Russwin CK4400 Series Grade 2 Standard-Duty Cylindrical Global Wrought... Cal-Royal BA-SG05 Barrington BA / Challenger SG Series Grade 2 Standard Duty... Cal-Royal GRB Series Omega Commercial Grade 1 Cylindrical Knob w/ Lifetime... Cal-Royal Columbus 7500 Series Grade 3 Cylindrical Knob Lifetime warranty. The knob can be locked or unlocked using a key. Since a high sound control is vital for communicating doors, this system is specifically comprised of products that reduce sound transfer. The Schlage A79PD Communicating lock has a keyed knob on one side and a blank plate on the other side. Elegance Julienne Knobs - Passage Knob - Premiere Plate with Julienne Door Knob in Satin Nickel - Weslock Door Hardware Multiple finishes available Expedited shipping available The turn button or locking device on either side locks or unlocks opposite lever. Pre-spec’d so you don’t have to. Select Options. A79PDORB626 A79PDORB605 A79PDORB609 A79PDORB619 A79PDORB625 A79PDORB643E A79PDORB606 A79PDORB625 A79PDORB613 A79PDORB630, A79PDPLY626 A79PDPLY605 A79PDPLY609 A79PDPLY619 A79PDPLY625 A79PDPLY643E A79PDPLY606 A79PDPLY625 A79PDPLY613 A79PDPLY630 A79PDPLY629, A79PDGEO626 A79PDGEO605 A79PDGEO609 A79PDGEO625 A79PDGEO606 A79PDGEO625 A79PDGEO613 A79PDGEO630, A79PDTUL626 A79PDTUL605 A79PDTUL609 A79PDTUL606 A79PDTUL625 A79PDTUL613. A Schlage deadbolt makes a great choice for commercial or residential applications. The phrase doorknob communication was new to me; I understood what she meant from context but I had never heard the phrase before. Select Options. In fact, when I was teaching our spec writer apprentices a few weeks ago I said, “Don’t ask the architect if he or she wants a storeroom function lock… They are flush mounted and require no mortise, or hole, through the face of the door. Turning key in either knob locks or unlocks its own knob independently. BA04 Cal-Royal Barrington Cylindrical Knob Lock Grade 2 Communicating Standard Duty, Communicating - Deadlocking latch bolt operated by knob from either side. This system allows more efficient utilization of floor space in facilities by eliminating the need for a bathroom in each room. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns. Schlage A79PD Communicating Door Knob Grade 2. In communicating frames, the doors should have slightly different thicknesses. Mon - Fri. 4:00AM - 7:00PM PST. My Account (800) 942-7639. Architectural design blends in with most door decor hardware. Cape Cod Brass will be closing at 12PM on 11/25/2020 and re-opening on Monday 11/30/2020 at 9AM. Knobs: Ball - BB BD, Tudor - TD TA, Darrin - DB DD Need help finding the right Door Hardware for your application? Dead locking latch bolt operated by knob from either side. This stainless steel knob set is perfectly designed to work with keys on both sides. Cal-Royal Barrington BA Series Grade 2 Standard Duty Cylindrical Knob Made in... Cal-Royal Barrington TBA Series Standard Duty Cylindrical Knob Made in Taiwan. For any reason, if there is a delay in shipping time we will notify you. They may also allow the door to lock in order to restrict access to an area. Most door hardware will fit the following door preparation. The Schlage A79PD Communicating Door Knob Grade 2 is precision-engineered, featuring 100% solid forged brass and rugged all-metal chassis for security. The industry standard for this application is for one door to measure 1-3/8" while the other door measures 1-3/4". Need help finding the right Door Hardware for your application? Do not use on doors in rooms that have no other entrance. Each Shared Bathroom Package is complete with everything needed to ensure privacy and coordinate emergency access to a common bathroom facility from adjoining rooms in hospitals, long term care facilities, schools and dormitories. 58 Shop for Schlage A43D-ORB Orbit Communicating Lock Door Knob Set. A dummy knob or handleset cannot Full dummy - These sets are full-size door knobs or handlesets that have no mechanical latch mechanism. Value Brand KC2300 Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade 2 Cylindrical Knobset, Finish-... Schlage A85PD Faculty Restroom Door Knob Grade 2, Schlage A80PD Storeroom Door Knob Grade 2, Schlage A70PD Classroom Door Knob Grade 2, Schlage A43D Communicating Door Knob Grade 2, Schlage D72PD vestibule Lock Knob Grade 1, Schlage D80PDEU Electrically Unlocked (Fail Secure) Knob Grade 1, Cal-Royal 8000K Rose Trims Non-Handed Ball Knob Key Lock, Schlage D85PD Faculty Restroom Knob Grade 1, Schlage D80PDEL Electrically Locked (Fail Safe) Knob Grade 1, Schlage D44S Hospital Privacy Knob Grade 1, Schlage D70PD Classroom Lock Knob Grade 1.