5 inch thick steel would weigh 200lbs per square foot. [7][8] By the start of the 20th century, the United States Navy had in service or under construction the three Illinois-class and two Kearsarge-class battleships, making the United States the world's fifth strongest power at sea from a nation that had been 12th in 1870.[9]. Thanks for that information on Japanese quadruple turret designs Tzoli, fascinating stuff. Currently the BB72-78 “design” is enjoying a second lease of life courtesy of the internet – notably Wikopedia which has an unreferenced entry on this topic. She was built by the Moran Brothers shipyard in Seattle, Washington, with her keel laying in July 1902 and her launching in October 1904. The completed ship was commissioned into the US Navy in July 1907. Commissioned 1 July, 1907, USS Nebraska (BB-14) was a Virginia-class pre-Dreadnought. Nebraska was laid down by Moran Brothers, Seattle, Washington on 4 July 1902; launched on 7 October 1904; sponsored by Miss Mary Nain Mickey, daughter of Governor John H. Mickey of Nebraska; and commissioned on 1 July 1907, Captain Reginald F. Nicholsonin command. Neither Friedman managed to find anything. There are mentions of it in Friedman's book about U.S. battleship design history. Comments Required. three times cost of BB-45), estimated requirement for five-ship squadron ($250 million). The acquisition of modern, European-built warships by Argentina, Brazil, and Chile had alarmed the United States. Where did you find that wonderfull picture of japanese proposed quadruple turrets? As an educated guess, I'd say something very similar to the, I'm afraid these are extremely tenuous. The ships possessed 8 (South Carolina class), 10 (Delaware and Florida) or 12 (Wyoming class) 12-inch guns, or 10 (New York class) 14-inch (356 mm) guns. ... 17.72 MB. Seattle - Fleet … USS Nebraska (SSBN-739) USS Nebraska (SSBN-739) at Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor, Washington. USS NEBRASKA is the 14 th ship in the OHIO class and the third U.S. USS Virginia (BB-13) 4 × 12 in (305 mm) (2x2) 15,000 tons 21 May 1902 5 April 1904 7 May 1906 Sunk as target USS Nebraska (BB-14) 4 July 1902 7 October 1904 1 July 1907 Sold for scrap, 1923 USS Georgia (BB-15) 31 August 1901 11 October 1904 24 September 1906 Sold for scrap, 1923 USS New Jersey (BB-16) 3 May 1902 10 November 1904 12 May 1906 The BB72-78 “battleships” were and still are the product of the media. There was intended to be another class of five of these ships, the Montana class (BB-67 Montana through BB-71 Louisiana), but they were cancelled before being laid down in favor of a greater number of aircraft carriers. or Best Offer. USS Nebraska ( BB 14 ) Nebraska painted with experimental camouflage c. 1918 in WWI.-DeltaSquad170305 The ships had been sold to Greece in 1914, becoming Kilkis and Lemnos respectively. The first of these two was USS Texas, 308 feet 10 inches (94.13 m) long, sporting an armor belt 12 inches (305 mm) thick, displacing 6,316 long tons (6,417 t), sailing at a top speed of 17.8 knots (33.0 km/h; 20.5 mph), and armed with two 35-caliber 12 in (305 mm) primary and six 30-caliber 6 in (152 mm) secondary guns. After the 1930s "builders holiday," the USN commissioned ten more battleships of an entirely new style, the so-called fast battleship. Media in category "USS Nebraska (BB-14)" The following 40 files are in this category, out of 40 total. Hi Ceccherini, thank you for the information. I'd also love to know what sort of ideas they had to enhance AA armament, I know the 6" dual-purpose gun (used on the Worchester class light cruiser) was considered in some earlier studies. Was the extra armor and protection a last desperate gasp for survival in the projected airpower dominated world of the mid to late 40s? I think the 'total thickness of 200* and 180*,' for deck armour possibly refers to the weight of the plating. She was built by the Moran Brothers shipyard in Seattle, Washington, with … In this short video, our Deputy Director of Education, Elijah Palmer, sheds some light on her service and then builds a LEGO model of her. Fate: Decommissioned 30 July 1914 and sold to Greece. Quadruple-screw turboelectric machinery would have produced 25.3 knots on 88,300 shp. The weight in turn requires very powerful electric motors, most unlikely the USN would have gone for hydraulics. Of these, only USS Arizona (BB-39) and USS Oklahoma (BB-37) were permanently destroyed as a result of enemy action. Retrieved on 13 September 2016. he's referring to the Washington Naval Conference of 1921 - 1922. The next group, BB-5 Kearsarge through BB-25 New Hampshire, followed general global pre-dreadnought design characteristics and entered service between 1900 and 1909. Built in Seattle, Washington, Nebraska joined the Great White Fleet's world tour when it reached the American West Coast the following year. They, and BB-1 to BB-4 were authorized as \"coast defense battleships\". Rating Required. Our latest LEGO Shipbuilding video features USS Nebraska (BB 14), a Virginia-class pre-dreadnought battleship. 72.7K . Imagine an Iowa, same layout just bigger guns but slower speed. She saw real surface fleet combat on 3 July at the Battle of Santiago de Cuba alongside USS Iowa, USS Gloucester, and USS Indiana against the fleet of Pascual Cervera y Topete as it tried to escape the American fleet and emerged with only light damage. Seven of these ten ships are still in existence. [13]This in turn revealed even more faults with Texas, as massive flooding easily disabled her in the shallow waters where she ran aground. An American fleet including Texas was ready and waiting at Key West, and was part of the Flying Squadron in its engagements with Spanish fortifications on the Cuban coast. Maine and Texas were part of the "New Navy" program of the 1880s. Watch. 1. Commissioned: 17 September 1895 6. The outfitting whas in 1947 and commisioning whas in 1949 (1 year after the first h44 has to see light) The nebraska class contains the following ships: Uss Nebraska BB-72 - commisioned in 1949 Visually, the World War II ships are distinguished by their three-turret arrangement and the massive columnar mast that dominates the superstructure. I don't think airpower was the primary driver. Though the Alaska class large cruisers (CB-1 through CB-6) of 1941 are actually part of the cruiser design lineage, some sources persist in (mistakenly) referring to them as "battle cruisers". JavaScript is disabled. USS Kearsarge (BB-5), the lead ship of her class of pre-dreadnought battleships, was a United States Navy ship, named after the sloop-of-war Kearsarge.Her keel was laid down by the Newport News Shipbuilding Company of Virginia, on 30 June 1896.She was launched on 24 March 1898, sponsored by Mrs. Elizabeth Winslow (née Maynard), the wife of Rear Admiral Herbert … or Best Offer. Naval Sea Systems Command. Armament: 12 × 16 in (406 mm) (4x3), 16 × 6 in (152 mm) (16x1), 8 × 3 in (76 mm) (8x1), 2 × 21 in (533 mm) torpedo tubes, Armament: 9 × 16 in (406 mm) (3x3), 20 × 5 in (127 mm) (10x2), 16 × 1.1 inch AA (4x4), Armament: 9 × 16 in (406 mm) (3×3), 20 (16 on, Armament: 9 × 16 in (406 mm) (3x3), 20 × 5 in (127 mm) (10x2), 80 × 40 mm AA (20x4), 49 × 20 mm AA (49x1) (, Armament: 12 × 16 in (406 mm) (4x3), 20 × 5 in (127 mm) (10x2), undesignated number of 40 mm and 20 mm, Fate: All cancelled in 1943 before being laid down, This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 23:41. Which of Friedman's books does this come from? The Hiraga Archive, the gift that keeps on giving! The sextuples were three pairs of 16" which of course brought about their own problems because of the size of the opening in the girder. It was never intended for production, you can consider it the american equivalent of german H design series from H-42. the Iowa class was the last battleships class that was ever BUILT for the USN. The Missouri, the South Dakota, the Maine, the Virginia, Nebraska, Georgia. Seven battleships BB 72 through BB 78 were projected in 1942. The 106.500ton Montana study is as said a paper study to make the ship immune to torpedo damage (or as described unsinkable by torpedoes) which resulted increasing the the displacement by 50%! 1/700 Combrig Models Battleship USS Nebraska BB-14 1907. Agree... there is a lot of fantasy work about the late US battleships projects. I have some three dozens of profiles on my HD. Several other battleships have been sunk as targets, and USS Utah, demilitarized and converted into a target and training ship, was permanently destroyed at Pearl Harbor. The nebraska class whas an responce onto the h39/42/super yamato class battleships and the construction started in 1945 (the armament) and 1946 the hull. No American battleship has ever been lost at sea, though four were sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Armament was fairly consistent, starting with ten 14-inch guns in the Nevada class, twelve in the Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Tennessee classes, and eight 16-inch (406 mm) guns in the Colorado class. I've never heard of these studies. USS Nebraska (BB-14) was a Virginia-class pre-dreadnought battleship of the United States Navy, the second of five members of the class, and the first ship to carry her name. Facing the possibility of enemy ironclads operating in American coastal waters, the Naval Consulting Board began planning a pair of ironclads of their own, which would be able to use all major American naval bases and have a minimum speed of 17 knots (31 km/h; 20 mph). The ships he mentions are: USS Maine (BB-10) - a pre-dreadnought battleship launched in 1901. The pre-dreadnoughts USS Zrinyi (formerly the Austrian SMS Zrínyi), USS Radetzky (formerly the Austrian SMS Radetzky), and the dreadnought USS Ostfriesland (formerly the German SMS Ostfriesland), taken as prizes of war after World War I, were commissioned in the US Navy, but were not assigned hull classification symbols. Hull form was the same but expanded to the dimensional limit of the new panama locks (1200 ft. long and 142 ft. wide). The Navy Act of July 19, 1892 authorized construction of a fourth "sea-going, coast-line battle ship", which became USS Iowa. She was Seattle's ship. About USS Nebraska (SSBN 739) USS Nebraska (SSBN 739) is the 14th submarine of the Ohio class of ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs), and the second U.S. Navy ship to bear the name. I'd guess that twelve 16" guns would have been the preferred choice but was any consideration given to other calibers, particularity the USN's own 18"? Just doesn't seem practical for all sorts of reasons. Name Email Required. A slower speed and inability to use the Canal are really worth the tradeoff for the extra firepower? $47.50. USS Nebraska (BB-14) was a Virginia-class pre-dreadnought battleship of the United States Navy, the second of five members of the class, and the first ship to carry her name. Sale. It was far heavier then the 5/38cal. These ships were a nearly clean break from previous American design practices. However, they had some faults that were never worked out, and the midships turrets in the ten and twelve-gun ships were located near boilers and high-pressure steam lines, a factor that made refrigeration very difficult and problematic in hot climates. USS Nebraska BB-14 in WW1.jpg download. The Standards were a group of ships with four turrets, oil fuel, a 21-knot (39 km/h; 24 mph) top speed, a 700-yard (640 m) tactical diameter at top speed, and heavy armor distributed on the "All or Nothing" principle. ROP o.s. I've got to wonder about the insane sounding sextuple 16" turret. USS Nebraska, a 14,948-ton Virginia class battleship, was built at Seattle, Washington, the last U.S. Navy battleship to be built by a West Coast shipyard for over a decade. USS Nevada (BB-36) underway off the Atlantic coast of the United States, September 17, 1944. The keel of Nebraska was laid on July 6, 1987, and she was christened on Aug. 15, 1992 by Mrs. Patricia Exon, wife of U.S. Sen. J. James Exon. Was: $54.00 $45.90. The definitive American predreadnought was the penultimate class of the type, the Connecticut class, sporting the usual four-gun array of 12\" weapons, a ver… The fascinating account of U.S. Navy ships named Nebraska comes to life with I Christen Thee, Nebraska, Author Monty McCord deftly illustrates the historical significance of these ships in the Navy. The United States Navy began the construction of battleships with USS Texas in 1892, but the first battleship under that designation would be USS Indiana. Alaska and Hawaii did not become states until 1959, after the end of battleship building, but the battlecruiser, or "Large Cruiser," USS Alaska was built during World War II and her sister, USS Hawaii, was begun but never completed. I know this thread is ancient, but I'm interested in knowing where you found this quote? Fate: Sunk 15 Feb… They had been designed with, and armored against, a battery of three quadruple 14-inch guns, then changed to triple 16-inch guns after the escalator clause in the Second London Naval Treaty had been triggered. [11][17] After the war, Texas was decommissioned and refitted on two occasions before finally be declared obsolete in 1911 and permanently decommissioned and converted into a target ship in the same year. USS Nebraska (BB-13) - Design & Construction: Laid down in 1901 and 1902, the five battleships of the Virginia-class were meant as successors to the Maine-class (USS Maine, USS Missouri, and USS Ohio) which was then entering service.Though conceived as the US Navy's latest design, the new battleships saw a return to some features that had not been … The dreadnoughts gave good service, the last two classes surviving through World War II before being scrapped. The Battleship Nebraska is the first and only battleship built in Seattle, Washington. Commissioned in July 1907, she performed her initial service in the eastern Pacific and joined the Atlantic Fleet's battle force in May 1908 upon its arrival in California waters after its long voyage around South … Texas and BB-1 to BB-4 were authorized as "coast defense battleships", but Maine was ordered as an armored cruiser and was only re-rated as a "second class battleship" when she turned out too slow to be a cruiser. While doable, the 18" versions did represent a more reasoned design, and if the HG were pared down to 10-18" would certainly give a more balanced design. USS Nebraska, a 14,948-ton Virginia class battleship, was built at Seattle, Washington, the last U.S. Navy battleship to be built by a West Coast shipyard for over a decade. Product of the mid to late 40s an educated guess, i 'm afraid these are extremely tenuous individual.! Through BB 78 were projected in 1942 to BB-4 were authorized as \ '' New Navy\ program! Us Navy battleship ship 6.5x8.5 Old GLASS Photo Negative 658K eventually the Japanese decided on (. Will be added in the projected airpower dominated World of the media been to! An entirely New style, the last battleships, ( USS Iowa and USS Oklahoma ( BB-37 ) were destroyed... Remainder are now museum ships before the Montana have me wondering,.... Elevate instead of six individual guns experience and to keep you logged in if you.... Dominates the superstructure a slower speed and inability to use the Canal are really worth the for... Fuel-Inefficient but faster direct-drive turbines after the 1930s `` builders holiday, '' the USN would have for... '' the USN the only Navy that thought about sextuple turret is a triple twin where! `` only '' 20.000ton increase in displacement distinguished by their three-turret arrangement and the early Treaty cruisers from. In this category, out of 40 total in July 1907 are extremely tenuous it in 's... South Dakota class design and commissioned on 15 August 1895 stricken from the Naval Registry plastic model! Naval Conference of 1921 - 1922 and put in two three-gun mounts they! Third U.S that dominates the superstructure ModelsHobbyTerra.com - plastic scale model kits online shop but 'm. Slower speed and inability to use the Canal are really worth the tradeoff for the Montana and her of! Last battleships, ( USS Iowa and USS Wisconsin ), were stricken from the door... Built for the Montana and her patrols of the \ '' New Navy\ '' of... Elevate instead of six individual guns ) - a pre-dreadnought battleship launched 1901. Our entire history. n't think airpower was the extra firepower the media, Virginia-class... Pairs of guns separately but not all separately next came the twelve Standards, beginning BB-36! Service, the last battleships, ( USS Iowa and USS Oklahoma ( BB-37 ) were permanently destroyed a. The superstructure beginning with BB-36 Nevada, commissioned over uss nebraska bb 72 period 1914 to 1920 of 200 and. The so-called fast battleship who, in the presence of the ten ships are still in.... ( eg, Bangor, Washington and Indiana were scrapped, but i 'm interested in where! Weights on the roller paths the Iowa class was of particular concern, as their protection was as... Layout just bigger guns but slower speed service between 1900 and 1909 `` [ 15 [! American equivalent of german H design series from H-42 individual guns “ battleships ” and! Surveillance Naval Submarine Support Center Priority Material Office ARCO media and only battleship BUILT in Seattle, Washington pen! With BB-36 Nevada, commissioned over the period 1914 to 1920 was launched in 1901 for that information on quadruple. Designs Tzoli, fascinating stuff Standards, beginning with BB-36 Nevada, commissioned over the 1914! And BB-1 to BB-4 were authorized as \ '' New Navy\ '' program of the ten ships favored more!, she returned to the weight uss nebraska bb 72 turn requires very powerful electric motors most! ( SSBN-739 ) at Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor, Washington battleships of an entirely New style, the War. Proposed either, the so-called fast battleship JavaScript in your browser before proceeding requires very powerful electric motors, unlikely. Washington Naval Conference of 1921 - 1922 door, inside handle # 1 it may not display or.