Deus Ex: Invisible War - Available Now!About the GameApproximately 20 years after the events depicted in Deus Ex, The World is only beginning to recover from a Catastrophic worldwide depression. In this review, Jim and Brian are going to discuss their impressions of Deus Ex: Invisible War. Games: Deus Ex: Invisible War; By David McComb | Posted 14 Oct 2004. Deus Ex: Invisible War is the only Deus Ex title in the series to this date where the player could play as both, a male or female character. I remember just beating Deus Ex, being amazed by the game, then I was looking around the Steam store, and saw Invisible War. December 16th, 2003. Eidos' Deus Ex … The end of Deus Ex had vastly different endings, depending on how you decided the world should be governed: you could destroy the hub for global communications (bringing the world back to pre-Internet times), merge with an AI to become a benevolent supergod (capable of making the Best decisions) or bring the Illuminati back to … ... 05 Mar 2004. So I did, installed it, and I … Strong words. They say Invisible War is a betrayal of Deus Ex. This was captured after finishing the game on Twitch earlier this year. It was a HUUUUUUUGE disappointment for a Deus Ex sequel. Developer: Eidos. Jim has played through the PC version and Brian has played through the Xbox version. This was my mini review of Deus Ex Invisible War played on an original XBOX. Deus Ex: Invisible War serves as a sequel to the original Deus Ex and follows the story of Alex D in a new world that is constantly at war. Deus Ex: Invisible War Review. Deus Ex reviewed spectacularly (PCG 87 95%). Now, to prosaically bring newcomers up to speed and help the more amnesiac members of the audience, this is the sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed games of recent times. Deus Ex: Invisible War; Deus Ex: Invisible War Review. In the original game, protagonist J.C. Denton stopped billionaire megalomaniac Bob Page from trying to become a digital overlord over all of humanity's communications and technology. Contributed By: 91210user 0 0 « See More or Submit Your Own! In terms of core values, core plot and core play, Invisible War is the direct heir to Deus Ex. My first thought was "Holy s***, I am buying this." But with all that said, Deus Ex: Invisible War is still a fun game that carries most of the interesting elements from the original. Invisible War is the 2003 sequel (released in 2004) that attempts to maintain the excellence of the original Deus Ex, though its ability to do so is a mixed legacy. The Review: Deus Ex Invisible War December 15, 2003 October 3, 2011 Chief Oddball Games Despite the deluge of complaints fellow gamers are raining down upon Ion Storm and Warren Spector (of System Shock fame) for fudging up the sequel to one of the best PC games in recent memory, I bought Deus Ex: Invisible War yesterday. The Story (spoilers ahead for Deus Ex and Invisible War). Opting for a Windows and Xbox release this time around Invisible War stays true to the series of offering diverse player choice in how they approach the game in general and individual missions within it.