Practice crate manners. Next, I would teach directional commands calmly, such as Place, Heel, Out, Leave It, and Quiet. Leave It method - use this command to make pup leave when he is barking at another dog getting attention: Once your puppy is in the selected area, use your verbal cue, such as “Hurry Up,” “Poopies,” “Go tinkle,” or any phrase your puppy responds to. Caitlin Crittenden. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Caitlin Crittenden. Have her work for everything she gets for a while by having her perform a command first. Be firm and insistent but emotionally calm when you do this. Check out this video by Jeff Gellman, who specializes in aggression. Having consistent boundaries and sticking to them, and practicing obedience that builds self-control, trust and respect, like the commands above. Be sure to have her out and about around lots of people (not overwhelming her of course, and not with kids who do not know how to handle a small pup gently and safely). At the first sign that your pup has to go, calmly and quickly take them outside to their bathroom spot. It is getting to the point where everyone is scared to pet him because his reactions are so unpredictable. They should also go out after napping, chewing, playing, and within 10 to 15 minutes of eating. If he wants in your lap, ask him to do a trick first. No single breed is an exception. Some puppies love praise or pets, while others prefer treats. If your dog suddenly starts acting aggressive and they were not aggressive before, you should consider taking your Chihuahua to a veterinarian in case he is experiencing medical problems. Once a dog learns this, he develops respect for his owners. As well, read this guide - it has many good tips on potty training. Best of luck training, Also, make sure that you are light-hearted and forgiving when your dog makes a mistake or regresses in its training. Have your husband take over these chores at least a majority of the time so that he can learn that your husband does good things for him. They aren’t aggressive with each other or other dogs buuuuuuuut I’m honestly afraid of what might happen if Simba gets out of hand with them. Being consistent. You should mean what you say and enforce the rules but be very calm and not angry, anxious, or loud - I know that's a lot easier said than done! He is triggered into biting when he's asleep, or awake. Practice fast paced, higher energy training activities and games that make him think - and reward participation and success. Caitlin Crittenden. Know the difference between puppy teething, puppy nipping, and puppy biting. I've found an excellent article on puppy aggression and how to recognize it. Using teething toys. Right now if she is not trained in hand signals there is probably very little communication between you, and thus not a lot of trust, respect or dependence on you to trust you to handle situations around strangers. And hes always been aggressive towards me. Since this is happening in the bed at times, pup also looses bed privileges right now. When you get that far, also have them teach her commands and tricks using positive reinforcement to further build trust. Do this as often as you can. To desensitize him to touch (while he is wearing a basket muzzle - with holes you can pass treats through, and after he is more respectful and trusting in general due to other training you have already done): Have your boyfriend practice fun tricks and commands using food rewards with him daily - pup can even earn their meal kibble this way some days - first while you are present, then while you are out of the room. He don't like little kids he is fine with them until they touch him unaware I think he gets scared and reacts. That class is for dog reactive and aggressive dogs. We often fight with him to get him motivated to eat and Sometimes its understandable, as we give him chichken 3 days in a row and gets bored However he is always given either meat of sone sort and or veggies. Watch her body language to see if she is at all tense about the kids. When he drops the toy because of the treat, praise him and give the treat. He is too little for a traditional shock collar. He's generally good with dogs. I suggest teaching both dogs Out (which means leave the area) and Place - which is similar to Stay but on a certain spot and they can sit, stand, or lie down but can't get off the spot. After Rosie got older she became more hyper and Pico became more paranoid and aggressive. Touch his belly, his other paws, his chest, shoulder, muzzle and every other area very gently and give a treat each time. You don’t want them to get stimulated and ready to play in the middle of the night! Respect building (you will likely need to desensitize pup to wearing a basket muzzle to address things safely) Stay consistent. Finally, let go of the toy while he chews it and practice drop it that way also - rewarding with a treat when he obeys. Finally, pup rewarded for appropriate behavior. In the meantime, this site has many helpful training videos and the opportunity to talk to a trainer. There is also a problem of him always wanting to mate her and her reacting the same way. Best of luck training, Muzzle: If you feel his behavior warrants the use of a muzzle for the time being while you work on solving this problem, then it may be a wise choice. Crate manners: I am going to send you information on the nipping/biting, as well as jumping. Socializing means training your Chihuahua to get along politely with strangers and other animals. Make Your Dog Work for Affection Make Your Dog Work for Affection Next, work with your dog to neutralize its behavior. Off- section on The Off command: A dog that lacks confidence feels tense about other dogs and is likely displaying subtle aggressive and stress signals around other dogs that people may miss, but they wait until the dog's back is turned and the dog is essentially defenseless to attack - sort of like the phrase 'stabbing a man in the back'. If that is the case, I suggest practicing saying his name first to wake him up, then when he wakes up, if he doesn't respond aggressively, immediately toss a treat over to him - so that he will begin to associate being woken up with a pleasant reward instead of something scary. Being around other dogs can be important for certain behaviors, but his behavior toward you likely has nothing to do with his exposure toward other dogs - so finding other dogs isn't really what's needed. Start with areas he is already comfortable with and practice with those areas until he is 100% comfortable with that level of touch. To get him to put his face into it hold the food through the holes so that he has to willingly poke his face into the muzzle to get the treat. Roderick is very clingy with you - do you do all of the feeding and walking? It sounds like he is resource guarding your mother - he believes she belongs to him and doesn't want anyone near her. Hello! That way, boundaries are clear to your dog. Spray collars are less invasive than shock collars but still a poor choice when training a Chihuahua not to bark. An open crate while you are home can also serve as an additional Place to practice, and feeding both dogs in separate locked crates can prevent food resource guarding and remove stress around mealtimes! 1. working on general confidence building exercises, such as agility obstacles. A muzzle does not have to be harsh if you introduce it gradually using his dog food as treats and reward him for sniffing it, touching it, putting his face in to it, and letting you buckle it. How to Deal with an Aggressive Puppy. When they stop, ensure that you follow up with positive reinforcement by offering praise, treat and/or resuming play. Loki is not smacked or shouted at, when he is snappy, he is put in timeout in his crate for a 15 minutes but this doesn’t seem to have an impact on him. Is your Chihuahua acting dominant, trying to establish himself as a leader? Establish that you are the food provider. Tell them to stop (either by a jarring sound or command), and immediately take them to an appropriate location for elimination. He will defend it with aggression from either you or other dogs. My chihuahua is extremely aggressive towards children I got him from a shelter and they said he did show some signs of aggression i am getting really scared because bubbles bit a 5 year old but the child lunged for bubbles and before i could do anything Bubbles bit him...On the NOSE help me please, Hello Sophie, If she obeys, praise and reward her. It happened before about a year ago. he loves to be in our home as hes free to roam and has the yard. You need to hire a trainer to help you with the aggression and you need someone who uses a lot of boundaries, positive reinforcement and fair discipline tactfully. Help your Chihuahua become less aggressive by: Exposing him to other dogs; Socialization is crucial to preventing aggression in any dog breed. Socialization is best done during the puppy stages, but even adult and senior dogs benefit from new experiences. Obedience training is a must for every dog, and it’s especially important for overprotective dogs. He “talks back” on his way to his cage...barking and growling. Many dogs will only need medication temporarily. These behaviors do take time, I am talking months, to correct. Practice this until he is not bothered by the buckles moving back and forth. There is a wide array of aggressive behaviors that any Chihuahua has the potential to exhibit. We do not know how to address the confusing behavior towards my husband. Being well-trained is about more than knowing how to sit when a person holds a treat in front of their face. Caitlin Crittenden, HiChico is my 8 month old chihuahua and he used to get in fine with the other family Chihuahua until now. Put his food down on the floor and wait with your dog while he eats to establish you are the provider. Finally, I would generally work on building pup's respect and trust for you overall through methods and commands, such as the Working and Obedience methods in the article linked below. Create a Daily Schedule. Practice this until he is comfortable touching it. Place: In the meantime, preventing aggressive behavior like nipping and biting is paramount. He’s always been a very social with other dogs and people and especially children but since this event he’s been more nervous of dogs and will protect himself with a little growl. Instead of getting into physical battles with him often, I suggest gaining his respect through his mind as much as you can. He goes to doggy day care and does great, we have to board him, which he also does great with them, if we go our of town because he can’t stay with the dog sitter in our home. Being consistent. Feed the puppy his kibble food in hollow chew toys as often as you can in the crate or exercise pen instead of only a bowl (where Marley can't steal it or bully him). We have tried making him get off the couch and ignoring him and now we have been putting him in his kennel in the bedroom every time he acts aggressive. Hello, this may be a situation for a behaviorist, but the fact that he did accept your husband in the beginning is a good sign. When we have people over he will act innocent and then when someone tries to touch him he will attack. Since pup may be acting possessive of you and resource guarding, I also recommend working on building some respect for you with Cream, gently. You ignore everything else. Leave It method: Learning how to train a chihuahua puppy to be comfortable in their crate will reduce their chances of barking due to separation anxiety. As he improves you can also add briefly putting you hand under him and lifting him up, then giving a treat. This lack of training often leads to aggressive behavior because the dog responds to situations using its instincts since it has never been taught differently. Practice this until he is comfortable touching it. He's bitten one person before. As soon as he relaxes again or looks to you for direction, reward him and praise him very calmly. You want pup to have as many positive experiences with different people as possible, using treat rewards they can offer pup for nice behavior, instructing people to be gentle and not rush or handle pup too much at first while pup is nervous - supervising the situation to keep everyone safe. by Brian (Ontario, Canada) Our Chihuahua puppy is 7 months old and he is very aggressive towards our 7 year old Chinese Crested, he is the most tender and loving Crested. Being well-trained is about more than knowing how to sit when a person holds a treat in front of their face. My dog has a problem socializing with people and other dogs and acts aggressive to new people, we had never bitten anyone but he has lunged out and snapped at people , I have taught him many sit and stay commands and he understands them , however he chooses when to listen and sometimes in a situation where he is being aggressive I can’t seem take his attention away from the situation... he is extremely well behaved around people he already knows, Hello Brynn, You ignore everything else. It is strongly recommended that no more than two Jack Russells (of opposite sex only) ever be permitted to stay together unattended. He has PTSD, is terrified of almost everything, and is becoming extremely aggressive. You should be a fair and kind leader, who earns their respect - but they still have to treat each other a certain way and not act possessive of people of things, because you already have that role. During the visit, you can let the leash drag and only use it if you have to. Hello! Food him his entire meal, measured out into a baggie (not from his bowl) this way. He was rescued from a hoarding situation with 29 dogs. You’ll need a short-term strategy to start showing your overprotective dog what behavior is unacceptable while also keeping your guests safe. I got this chihuahua and he is mean and agressive. As soon as the food is eaten, remove your touching hand, then use another piece of food to repeat the same thing, continue doing this with the entire meal one piece at a time. You can still invite guests into your home as long as you prioritize managing your dog’s behavior. We have 2 other dogs. It’s usually the same person who fills their food bowls, takes them on walks, and handles training. Touch an ear and give a treat. Tucker loves to snuggle and begs for attention from anyone who will give it to him. Not so much the barking or the aggression that she has recently shown. Best of luck training, If he disobeys, stand in front of your sleeping dog, blocking the other dog from getting to him, and walk toward pup calmly but firmly until pup leaves the area and stops trying to go back to your sleeping dog. If your Mollie pushes your other dog or gets between you and pup uninvited, tell Mollie Out and enforce her leaving. Caitlin Crittenden, Hello Emily, ©2020 . Because of this, she is aggressive towards strangers and to my fiance; she will try to bite anyone who tries to touch her, except for me. Because of this, she is aggressive towards strangers and to my fiance; she will try to bite anyone who tries to touch her, except for me. I thought my dog was going to bite her for real. Caitlin Crittenden, Very aggressive and not consistent sometimes so sweet then he becomes aggressive. He’s potty trained for the most part aside from peeing on things...territorial claiming I’m sure. As soon as pup is good as the Leave It game, start telling pup to "Leave It" when he attempts to bite or is tempted to bite. The issue could be partially genetic, but it also sounds like he may be possessive of your home or you (which means he is resource guarding you - opposed to food around other people), and his behavior may be linked to a lack of respect for you as well. Chihuahuas are cute little dogs, but they are dogs nonetheless. Next, when he can hold his face in the muzzle for ten seconds while remaining calm, while his face is in the muzzle move the muzzle's buckles together briefly, then feed him a treat through the muzzle. Here is an article on setting up the exercise pen (minus the litter box): Touch his belly, his other paws, his chest, shoulder, muzzle and every other area very gently and give a treat each time. It's likely a combination of a lack of respect for you and fear. If this is the case, replacing territorial behavior with appropriate, well-socialized behavior is required. It's mainly just the strangers. Work on teaching him "Place" and having him stay in place with distractions around for up to an hour. Best of luck training, When your dog complies, praise him, this will provide a distraction from aggressive behaviors and provide your dog with a different response. He just wants to play with them...even if the feeling isn't mutual. If someone tries to pet him when on my lap He will snap at them, I have just bought him from a family we have had him for 3 days he is becoming more confident with us he doesn’t bark at us not aggressive to us but he to my brother and my father. He has videos on resource guarding, comprehensive aggression rehab programs, which includes having pup work for everything, long Place commands, waiting at thresholds, crate training, structured heel, lots of obedience exercises, and specific practice with aggression triggers. He used to do all the back talking from in the cage, whereas now he’s physically trying to get out of the cage and to whoever is punishing him. This is my girl friend’s dog, she’s had her the full 15 years, at about 4 Brooke was attacked by another dog and traumatized. While socializing, keep your dog at floor level. Next, when he is comfortable with it being on the floor with food, hold it up and reward him with a piece of kibble every time he touches or sniffs it in your hand. Your Chihuahua should not behave aggressively but allow others to approach him and yourself and to take toys or food without a fuss. They work -- and I use the term "work" loosely -- by spraying mildly irritating substances like citronella or lemon juice in the Chihuahua's face when he barks. Although some puppies can sleep for seven hours, it is important to set an alarm and take your pup out during the night. Crate manners: At his age he could have something like arthritis beginning and may be feeling grouchy because of that (I am not a vet). She constantly barks and will even get herself out of her collar to go and bark at someone up close and even bite them. Any ideas would be helpful.Thanks, Hello Lisa, He bites gma if he’s in her bed as she reaches for remote or tell him to not lick her pillow,he bites my 26 year,bites me (mom) not as much,he’s an inside dog uses a potty paper will at times wet on carpet in mine or my moms room,shampooing carpets all the time it seems,he’s loving and mean. Elaine . A friend of mine rescued this chihuahua. Pico no longer likes me or my sister and will snap and bite most of the time if we try to touch him, put is leash on or do anything with him really. This also helps them learn to wake up happy because they anticipate a treat instead of feel they are in danger and disoriented. Best of luck training, If so, you need to make sure your dog views you as the leader and behaves respectfully toward you, family members, and friends by respecting other people's space and submitting to having toys or food removed. If, after resting, he wants to play again you can let him as long as he is initiating it (not the other dog coming over) and the other dog also wants to play (don't let him be to pushy with the other dog either). What often happens is that there are subtle body language cues that the dogs are giving each other and someone is causing the conflict and the human needs to create and enforce boundaries for both dogs, and reward the correct emotional responses when they happen so that those increase - and the person needs to be able to read the dog's body language to tell when those are and are not happening. If he seems overwhelmed, back up and try something a little smaller. There are a few ways to do this. It sounds like you have your hands full. Expect this to take some time and lots of practice. Check out the articles linked below for ways to build these things. Gently touch an area of pup's body while feeding a piece of food. I don’t have any money right now but some advice from a professional on what to do would really be able to Alleviate stress. she brings him to my home often to stay with my 15 year old border collie. Also, work on obedience commands and have your husband do the same. These are some general ideas and they can be modified to fit your dynamic. With pup's background, it's possible they missed out on important socialization too. You can still invite guests into your home as long as you prioritize managing your dog’s behavior. Muzzle: If you feel his behavior warrants the use of a muzzle for the time being while you work on solving this problem, then it may be a wise choice. He is improving slowly with love and patience. But this protectiveness can result in aggression, which can get both of you in trouble. Second, work on the resource guarding by increasing pup's respect for you and your boy friend in calm, confident, less-confrontational ways. You want him to learn to trust you around toys and to get into the habit of releasing things around you and not being stressed about guarding things. In general you increase the behaviors you reward. Caitlin Crittenden. Its really hard to have him around people. If the biting is aggressive and not due to puppy mouthing, I would work a lot on socialization, but I also recommend hiring a professional trainer to help now because this is very early for that to be starting and you likely need professional help in person to minimize future issues. Best of luck training, Best of luck training, More often than not, dogs with aggression issues require professional assistance. , Hello Ellice, Separate Room: Your dog won’t get better without practice, but sometimes you have to weigh the risks versus rewards. You can give both a food-stuffed chew toy on the place bed and they can move around to get comfortable but they can't get off until given a release command. Have him work for everything he gets for a while by having him perform a command first. I would have pup wear a basket muzzle and have a drag leash attached to their collar when you are home. Caitlin Crittenden. I really do not know what to do when he behaves this way. I think before I got my 9 week old puppy he was better socialized then piper ever was. Piper of course is flipping out over the puppy but I have begun to have riley behave by having him come to me and sitting. Caitlin Crittenden. Practice this until he is not bothered by the buckles moving back and forth. Create a consistent feeding and watering schedule. I have tried making him do tricks for his food put he is a picky eater and very stubborn. When Pico is being calm around Rosie and relaxed you can give him a treat if he wants one - if he doesn't want the food that's fine though, just calmly and genuinely praise him without getting him all worked up. This guide has excellent tips on potty training: Have one family member walk one of the dogs and you walk the other using the Passing Approach method from the article linked below. When you are ready for him to come back, then tell him "OK" in an up beat tone of voice. Touch his belly, his other paws, his chest, shoulder, muzzle and every other area very gently and give a treat each time. Chihuahuas are prone to acting aggressively for the same reasons any dog may behave aggressively, due to anxiety, territorial behavior, or to show dominance. I have a two-year-old Chihuahua mix that when somebody comes over she aggressively barks at him not in a bad way but what I am concerned about is that her bark or whatever it is is extremely loud and piercing it's at a point where her reaction that she gives him is completely for lack of a better word she goes balistik.. Hello! Pup may need to be desensitized to handling too. Make sure each new experience is positive, and encourage your dog without forcing him to interact. Out - which means leave the area: Surprise method - for introducing crate for first time: While sometimes it may be easier to let a little nipping activity go, be sure to remain consistent in your cues and redirection. Best of luck training, Second, work on the following commands with him, and make him work for everything in life via the Working method from one of the articles linked below - use a basket muzzle so his food can be passed through the muzzle's holes: Crate training - Surprise method combined with crate manners video linked above too: Your Chihuahua should not behave aggressively but allow others to approach him and yourself and to take toys or food without a fuss. For example, if pup comes over to your other dog when he is trying to sleep, tell pup Out. There will be additional things needed but a trainer will have to evaluate when and why pup is aggressive to recommend training for those areas. He clearly had been cared for at some point, as he walks well on a leash, he's house trained and knows some basic commands. October 20, 2013 in Training A Chihuahua by admin . Caitlin Crittenden, Hello Chibaba, He was in a hoarding situation with 12 other chihuahuas. I would like to be able to not have to crate him when anyone enters the house anymore, it truly breaks my heart. Best of luck training, First of all, you should take him to puppy preschool. If it is safe, separate the animals. Thresholds: Make your Chihuahua sit and wait while you prepare food. Different dogs have different exercise needs based on their breed and size, so check with your veterinarian to make sure that yours is getting the exercise they need. Pup needs to be taught some directional commands like Off, Leave It, Drop It, and Place to help with managing behavior. I am going to give you some information on how to handle this situation.